The JES network does not want to limit itself to helping individuals help themselves. As users of illegal drugs, we are confronted with the fact that social framework conditions prevent or make difficult living a life with drugs in dignity on a daily basis. The work in the JES network therefore also aims at societal changes.

Drug politics as the main area of our political functioning

This particularly concerns changes to the current drug policy regulations and laws. Drug users are continuously exposed to the pressure of persecution due to these laws. They expose us to the black market with bad and unclear substance quality, unsafe supply, excessive expenditure and its criminal structure characterised by violence. The laws force us into an urgency to acquire drugs and make imprisonment an impressionable life experience for many of us. Moreover, laws and regulations for health hazards including life threatening illnesses of drug users are also responsible. As those directly affected by these bad situations in drug politics, we have the right and the duty to stand up for a new order in drug politics. In view of the social conditions, JES’ political work cannot limit itself to commitment at the level of drug politics. Rather, it is necessary, to become actively involved in many areas of politics.

Maintenance of the solidarity principle must be demanded within the scope of socio-political work.

Health politics

Our commitment to health politics is closely connected to our work in drug politics. As the JES Bundesverband, we commit ourselves to the treatment of drug users as “normal” patients and their being granted exactly the same natural right of speaking out and being involved in decisions when determining treatments.

Socio-legal function of JES

As a representative of the interests of junkies, former drug users and people in OST, JES Bundesverband also has a socio-legal function. Disregard and pathologising by society are mainly responsible for the fact that drug users often do not develop the skills and the courage to articulate their interests and to insist on their interests being taken into account in political decision making processes.