Former drug user and people in substitution treatment in the job market


The (re-)entry to work and employment signifies a core element for many people on substitution treatment and former drug user on their way to social integration, independence and participation in society.

Drawing on the example of three people the film, „In the midst of life“, depicts their experiences with job seeking and daily work routine in a very personal way. Furthermore our film includes the perspectives of employers and their experiences working with people on substitution treatment and former drug user.

With this project we want to raise and extend awareness for the topic of drug-use and OST and work. Our film enables those who are involved in counselling and placement of job seekers to receive information on life conditions, wishes and experiences of this special group. Additionally it may support drug- or HIV-service organisations to start conversations with potential employers and thus push forward job (re-)integration of people on substitution treatment and former drug-user.

It is not allowed to show the film in general public. For more Informations please contact dirk.schaeffer