Who and what is JES?

JES is the National Network of Junkies, Former Drug Users and people in opiate substitution reatment. We see ourselves as a representative of the interests of people who use drugs or who used them in the past.

JES now covers a network of regional groups with a large number of activists

JES demands the right to a life of human dignity with drugs. We want legal survival aids for current drug users in line with their needs.

J  stands:

for “Junkie” and is thus the symbol of a life situation created by prohibition, distinguished by life on the scene and illegality, thus frequently by criminality, poverty, homelessness, fear of loss, prostitution, health hazards but often also by indulgence, solidarity and adventure.


for “Ehemalige”,(German for “former," i.e. former drug users) whereby “Ehemalig“ can stand both for former drug use as well as a former life of dependency and criminality.


for “Substituierte”,(German for people in opiate treatment –OST-) whose life is distinguished by the prescription of medication. This life includes both possibilities of re-integration and rehabilitation, stabilisation of health, reduction of drug problems. It also includes decision making by others, patronising behaviour and a loss of prospects with respect to integration in many areas of social life.